Lioness is offering free legal consultations to anyone who has questions about activism at work

Many Americans have become very vocal in advocating for the Black Lives Matter movement, and activism is spilling over into workplaces.

Navigating the waters of politics and social justice issues in a workplace can be fraught. Many employers have encouraged silence on this topic, arguing that it is too divisive or too political for work. Some employees are facing pushback for voicing their stance on the matter.

Have you run into difficulties in this regard, as either an employer or employee? We are partnering with an employment law firm to offer free legal consultations to anyone who has questions surrounding activism in the workplace or on social media. Share your story here.

A cultural sea change always brings with it much uncertainty. Employees are often unfamiliar with their rights, and employers are not always sure what the right (and legal) approach is when navigating politically charged issues.

Submit your story or query to Lioness here, and we will connect you to our employment law firm partner White, Hilferty & Albanese.

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