Storytelling company Lioness wants to help amplify Black voices

UPDATE: Many thanks to everyone for their submissions to this campaign! We had a huge response.

We've selected a few candidates and are working on their stories now, so this call for submissions is closed. Thanks to all who wrote us sharing their stories. More soon....

Are you a Black-owned business or non-profit doing something good for the world? Are you a Black individual with an untold story to tell, or a unique take on current events, who wants to be published in the media? Do you want to get the word about your product, service or social issue but need a strategy?

Lioness is a storytelling company. We work with businesses and people who have a story but haven’t yet found a way to tell it, or who have not interacted with the media before and want to be published or build relationships with the press. We believe people can find power in their stories, and it’s why we do what we do.

This month, we’re offering up to five people or Black-owned businesses our services for free.

If you are a business, that could mean putting you in touch with reporters we have relationships with to help you get press, or helping you write a topical opinion piece and get it published. It could mean helping you develop a social media strategy, or come up with a communications plan to get your story in front of the people who need to hear it.

If you are an individual, it could mean putting you in touch with a reporter if you have a story to share, or helping you write an opinion piece on a newsworthy topic you have special insight into.

Fill out this quick application form to tell us about your company, what you’re working on, or what untold newsworthy story you have to share -- and what you’d love to see happen. We’ll do our best to make it happen for the candidates we choose!

About Lioness:

We are a storytelling company run by women who believe that the right story can move people to buy a product, engage a business service, invest in a company, or create a movement.

We partner with leaders, organizations with a social or civic mission, and good-for-the-world brands to create compelling stories, connect those stories to the right journalists, and share them with the audiences that matter.

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