The right story will move people to buy products, invest in companies, write articles, or join movements.

Lioness Strategies partners with brands and leaders* to discover and tease out compelling stories, connect those stories with the right journalists, and share those stories with the audiences that matter.



women founded businesses

organizations with a social impact or civic mission

for-profit businesses or startups run by people who aren’t assholes

(seriously, we will turn down work if you are

an asshole, even if you are “winning”)



Develop your brand story.

We help you create the storylines about your company, product or cause that will resonate with your target audience.

Website strategy. 

We provide copywriting and design strategy to ensure people exploring your website take away what you want them to.


Campaign building.

We create organic online marketing and social issue campaigns that people want to share and news outlets want to cover. We create surveys and polls with incentives that make people want to participate, getting you the information you need to hone your messaging and strategy.

Partnership building. 

We facilitate outreach to strategic partners who could amplify your news or campaigns.

Press outreach.

We use our network of journalist relationships at the New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Vox, Fortune, Forbes, Fast Company, The Economist, VICE, USA Today, Financial Times and Wall Street Journal to connect you to media outlets. This leads to press meetings, media coverage, or sustained media relationships of your own.

Product launches. 

We pitch reporters in your field to get you press coverage, write press releases, blog posts and product announcements, then amplify those announcements with partners on social media, in newsletters, and on podcasts.


Ghostwriting and editorial.

We serve as a writing partner to flesh out your arguments and craft an article or opinion piece that gets published, amplifying your message and establishing your brand. We launch newsletters, write blog and social media posts, and create interesting content that draws in readers and grows your audience.


Policy communication. 

We help you communicate nuanced policy issues to resonate with the public and grab the attention of the government.

Media training. 

When our media outreach leads to interviews with a reporter, we help you hone your message and prepare you for questions any journalist might ask.

Employer branding. 

We craft copy to describe your company in recruiting meetings, in job postings, and in social media posts.






" Working with Lioness Strategies really makes you realize how important it is to have a story-teller, professional connector, and strategist on your team in order to tell your story right. You have one shot to bring your company into the eye of the public, and working with Lioness made my team feel confident that we had someone who would do our years of work justice. Ari has a contact list that takes a lifetime to build — and is constantly coming to the table with potential stories, ideas, and connections. We switched over from another PR firm to Lioness and within 24 hours she was 10x more active, attentive, strategic, and asked better questions than our agency ever did. It’s rare to meet someone so deeply and truly dedicated to their brand values, but I can honestly say that Ari and her team deeply embody everything that they say they stand for. "

Steph Hon,

Founder of Cadence

" Lioness isn’t just another PR firm. They’re conversation starters, relationship enthusiasts, and listeners. They are behind the stories that are changing how the world works and we’re honored to be working with them. "

Kathryn Kosmides,

Founder and CEO of Garbo

" Lioness Strategies is the rare firm that excels at both messaging strategy and tactical execution across a range of disciplines. If you need to tell a nuanced story to multiple stakeholders, Lioness should be the first agency you call. "

Ben Bear,

Chief Business Officer at Spin 

(Ford Smart Mobility)