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Are you a financial advisor, attorney, real estate agent, or other person who has information about Russian sanction violations?

The US government is now offering you anonymity–and a reward.

Since the invasion of Ukraine, countless sanctions have been imposed on Russia, but sanctions don’t work if the government can’t find the assets that need to be seized to impact the oligarchs’ lifestyles and their ability to fund the war.


Rooting out money is hard–but oligarchs, no matter how powerful, can’t hide their money alone. A cadre of financial advisors, attorneys, real estate agents and staff grease the wheels. 

An amendment newly passed by Congress makes it safer and potentially lucrative for any of these insiders with information to come forward anonymously and get a minimum reward of 10 to 30 percent of monies recouped (which when it comes to monetary sanctions, can be in the realm of 9 figures).

In doing so, they also could help the people of Ukraine: assets seized from oligarchs under another amendment will be liquidated, and the money sent to the Ukrainian government and people. 


A mansion in Miami is owned by a sanctioned oligarch. Incentivized and protected, a real estate agent for a financial advisor could report this information to the government, who could then seize, liquidate, and transfer assets to Ukraine. That whistleblower would also make 10-30% of the recouped funds. 

A money manager may be aware of the fact that their sanctioned oligarch boss is investing in a US corporation through a network of shell corporations owned on paper by the friends of that oligarch. The money manager can gain protections of anonymity when they come forward to the Treasury Department. When sanctions are imposed on the corporation, the whistleblower is eligible for 10-30% of the recouped amount, as a reward for switching sides. 

An insider who has knowledge of crypto exchanges not appropriately vetting for money launderers. Crypto exchanges are notorious for failure to comply with anti-money laundering legislation.

If you are an insider who can connect the dots and find laundered money or sanctions violations (or know one who can), we can help.

We’ve helped many whistleblowers safely bring forward tips to the government.

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