Lioness is a storytelling platform. We believe that the right story can move people to buy a product, engage a business service, invest in a company, create a movement, or change the world for the better.


We partner with businesses, leaders, organizations with a social or civic mission, and good-for-the-world brands to discover, create and refine compelling stories. We connect those stories to the right journalists and media outlets, putting the companies and people we work with in front of the audiences they need.


We also help individuals bring their stories to the world through the media. A team of writers, editors and strategists help our clients get published in the opinion pages of national media outlets or heard from in reported stories.


If you are a company or organization wishing to engage our PR and storytelling strategy side, visit our strategies page. If you are an individual with a story to tell, visit our stories page.

A strategic consultancy that works to tell the stories of mission-driven people, products, ideas, and companies upending the status quo.

A team of writers, editors and strategists to help you get your story in front of a reporter, or your opinion piece published in national media outlets.

A tech-enabled service that connects journalists and media publications to vetted, topic-specific sources, and provides sources who have newsworthy stories or information a pathway to coverage.  

A storytelling newsletter that features untold stories and other chatter about media, politics, and anything in between.



Ariella Steinhorn

Ariella is a communications strategist, writer, and advocate for workplace equity and employee empowerment. She started writing short stories as a child, and has been captivated by the persuasive power of storytelling ever since. In 2018, Ariella co-founded Simone, an organization that provides employees with legal resources, counseling, and community to build power in their work lives. She previously led policy, corporate, and internal communications strategies at places like Ford Motor Company’s smart mobility subsidiary, Uber, Managed by Q, and the Department of Justice.

Amber Scorah

After leaving her Jehovah’s Witness missionary post in China, Amber was shunned by all her family and friends as an apostate. Moving to New York City to start a new life, she quickly discovered that the zeal and determination she had brought to her preaching was much better suited to creating positive change in the real world. Amber became a parental leave advocate whose story of the loss of her son on his first day in childcare touched millions. Last year, she released a critically-acclaimed memoir about the experience of leaving a high-control religion.