Do you have a story that connects to a larger social issue? Do you have knowledge of wrongdoing and want to expose it via the media? Lioness can help. Submit a brief outline of your tip or story via the form below, and we will get in touch with you.


If the information you are sharing is highly sensitive (for example, you are a whistleblower, a worker/employee, or it involves a high-stakes situation) please communicate with us using one of the following encrypted communication methods:



  • Fill out your contact information in the form below and select “Signal” (encrypted messaging app) as your preferred form of contact. We will share our Signal contact information.  


Do not use a work email address or an employer-issued device.


Lioness will treat any information you share with the utmost confidentiality, however we cannot guarantee the digital security of your information. To ensure you protect yourself when sharing information, the Freedom of the Press Foundation has some helpful tips.


The Lioness team follows up with those who share stories and information via their preferred communication method. Where appropriate, we solicit more information — screenshots, recordings, first-person accounts, corroboration from other witnesses — all off-the-record.


If the information is deemed newsworthy, Lioness compiles relevant story information and privately shares it with a network of trusted journalists. If the information is sensitive in nature, we will only use encrypted channels to communicate with journalists, and will not include personally-identifiable-information. 


Lioness serves as a sounding board for sources, answering questions about speaking with the media, helping set terms for conversation (on background, off the record), and providing connections to free 30-minute consultations with legal counsel if the source is sharing sensitive information.

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