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Signing (or signed) a severance agreement? You may still be able to speak out.

Do you have information formerly covered by a non-disparagement clause or NDA that you’d like to make public? Are you about to sign a severance agreement? Lioness can help.

The National Labor Relations Board recently ruled employers can no longer bind employees to silence using non-disparagement clauses.

These gag orders have long been a staple of severance contracts employees sign when laid off or leaving a job on less than friendly terms. They are also used to cover up fraud, sexual harassment, and other workplace wrongs.

Lioness helps workers and whistleblowers decide whether and how to bring a story that is in the public interest to the media. We can also connect you with an employment attorney for a free review of your NDA to determine if your situation is covered under the new ruling.

Information considered in the public interest includes:

  • Lying about ESG initiatives

  • Misleading investors

  • Money laundering

  • Sexual misconduct

  • Discrimination based on age, race, disability, gender, sexual orientation

  • Dangerous working conditions 

  • Lack of consumer protection

  • Nepotism

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