Do you have a story that the world needs to hear?

Lioness is taking submissions this month, and we will bring one person or company’s story to the media, pro bono.

The past few months have brought so many incredible stories our way. When Black Lives Matter protests began, we created a campaign to amplify Black voices in the media. We got results: we helped a 33-year veteran police officer tell his story of racism on the job, along with his proposals to fix racist policing. His opinion piece was published in the New York Times Opinion section, online and in print.

Partnering with an employment attorney, we also launched a campaign to help people who have been silenced by NDAs understand their legal rights and the implications of bringing their stories to the media. Again, we got great results, including:

  • Helping 60 employees of a $1-billion company come forward to the media, bringing their open letter to a national media outlet.

  • Funneling a story of underage gambling on a prominent Internet gaming platform to a tech reporter at a national newspaper (investigative piece in process, not yet published)

  • Coordinating release of story of sexual impropriety by a high-profile public figure, providing media training to the victim and facilitating meetings with a multinational media company (not yet published)

On the client front big things have been happening, too. Some of these include:

If you or your company has a story to amplify, get in touch! We’ve been having success after success in top-tier media. We’d love to bring that exposure to your story or your company's story, too.

Submit here:

We're looking forward to hearing from you.

- Ariella + Amber

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